Giving back to charity and supporting the communities close to our Prologis Parks and offices is an important part of our culture and is integral to our ParkLife initiative

The pandemic has left many people reliant on the help of charities at a time when many have seen donations fall away or decrease. That’s why, throughout December, our dock doors of giving initiative will see our teams across Europe work tirelessly to volunteer, raise much-needed funds and donate essential items to help make Christmas just that little bit brighter for those in need.

Join us on our journey and please take time to learn more about the good causes we’re supporting and how you can help them help others.

Let’s use this month to change lives.

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The Dock Doors of Giving campaign is about so much more than donating money to charities. It’s also about donating time, pledging to buy gifts, donating food or other essential items and raising awareness for these charities and good causes so others can help them too.

Through our culture and our Prologis Parks we strive to be a force for good in local communities and this campaign helps us come together and show how, together with our customers and supply chains, we can really make a difference.

Scroll to view some examples of the topics we aim to support through this campaign as well as throughout the year:

Giving back
to fight cancer

Supporting refugees
and migrants

Giving the
gift of time

Tackling food
poverty and hunger

Giving back
to children

for AIDS

Giving back to
health-related causes

Tackling poverty
& homelessness

Tackling abuse
in all it's forms

Promoting better
mental health

Giving back
to the elderly

Giving back to help
those with disabilities

Giving the gift
of holiday cheer

Giving back to help
animal related causes

Supporting people
back into work

the environment

Providing relief for
natural disasters